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About Us

IP Cameras Australia (IPCA) is a Western Australian based business, with head office located in Malaga. The first purely digital camera specialist in the ‘CCTV’ market, IPCA began supplying digital solutions to local government, small and medium business and individuals some years go. Early days for the IP camera market!

IPCA sold analogue systems along with hybrid IP (fancy names for analogue with an IP board thrown in) and discivered that if you want to continue to sell the same products over and over again to customers, then specialise in analogue...especially if it has moving parts!!

Today IPCA essentially provides true hi res CCTV surveillance solutions to government, police and crime forums and associations, with an emphasis on supplying radical answers for both unusual and traditional needs, and with strength on mobility and access. IPCA offers digital solutions for both temporary and permanent deployments.

IN 2009, IPCA recognised Mobotix as a core part of its business model and with a change of direction into the number one IP camera in the world today, IPCA and Mobotix formed a certified partnership with accreditation and successful deployments. Mobotix considers IPCA a key partner in its Australian presence and program.